The CPI name is synonymous with technological innovation. We are committed to proactively developing technologies that increase reliability and performance by creating special materials with unique problem solving capabilities

CPI Materials

Special Materials

CPI proprietary Special Polymer Alloys have been successfully applied to piston and rod sealing components, providing excellent reliability and efficient performance. These materials have enabled many compressor operators to achieve longer seal lives compared to other materials available. They have also made it possible for changes and improvements to compressor designs which have significantly improved reliability and reduced operating costs. CPI Special Polymer Alloys solved the problem of seal life in existing non-lubricated compressors. They are also used to convert lubricated compressors to non-lubricated operation in ways that were not previously possible with traditional filled PTFE materials.

CPI’s Material Data Sheets

CPI 184 Data Sheet  – For use in most dry gas and non-lube applications 

CPI 188 Data Sheet  – Specifically for pure dry Nitrogen and Inert gases 

CPI 192 Data Sheet  – For higher pressure and temperature applications both lube and non-lube

CPI 193 Data Sheet  - To extend the useful upper working limits of piston and rod seals in both lubricated and oil-free gas compressors.

CPI 196 Data Sheet  – For higher pressure and temperature pure dry Nitrogen 

CPI 303 Data Sheet  – For non-lube oxygen (ignition tested/approved) 

CPI 307 Data Sheet  – For higher duty non-lube air applications

CPI 111 Data Sheet  – For higher duty non-lube air applications 

CPI 315 Data Sheet  – For use in low-pressure lube and non-lube applications 

CPI material processing:

Compression molding
Standard filled PTFE grades are typically free sintered whereas the specialty alloys are hot compression molded.

Injection molding
Thermoplastics such as nylon and PEEK are injection molded in high volumes or unique shapes.

Extrusion and transfer molding
Thermoplastics are also extrusion or transfer molded to achieve unique or complex part designs and large diameters that are
not possible using traditional compression or injection
molding techniques.

CPI Engineered materials