In addition to the manufacture and supply of components, CPI is committed to keeping compressors performing and maximizing operational availability. We realize spare and replacement parts are critical in achieving this and must be supported 24/7 from responsive strategically located operations. 

As a supplier of new, re-manufactured and OEM replacement parts for maintenance, repair and overhaul, CPI’s spare parts resource has an unlimited range of components and complementary products. Maintaining spare parts inventories at our global manufacturing and service centers, enables quick response to support operators’ needs.

CPI Service provides a 24/7 rapid response spare parts resource from its comprehensive inventories and warehouses for: 

  • Valve components available for Hi-Flo™ Radiused, Plate, Ring and Pyramid styles, Steel valves, metallic and non metallic plates, and a large range of valve springs and buttons are held in stock
  •  Gaskets and ‘O’ rings are supplied for valve seats and valve covers in aluminum,
     iron, steel, copper or as jacketed types
  •  ‘O’ rings for valve covers, packing and wiper cases are available
  •  Used assemblies and parts including engines, compressors and skid packages are available

CPI knows that down time means lost productivity and severe financial consequences. We can ship sealing components and lubrication products via same-day service. Service Center personnel can also accommodate custom sealing component orders. If CPI doesn't stock your components, our machinists can make them for you on an accelerated basis.