Lubrication System Console

The CPI SAFEGUARD™ 5000 Lubrication System Console has been designed as a standalone lubrication console for hazardous locations and all types of industrial machinery including reciprocating compressors and reciprocating pumps. The SAFEGUARD™ 5000 lubrication system console is designed to work with CPI’s extensive line of divider blocks and Lubrication System Accessories to provide precise lubrication to your machinery.


  • Single or Dual Motor Driven HVLP Pump Package
  • 114 Liter (usable) (30 gallons) Stainless Steel Oil Supply Reservoir
  • Dual Suction Side Filtration Circuit • Single or Dual HVLP Pump Heads
  • Dual 10-Micron Discharge Filter Circuit
  • Patented POPR® Valve
  • XD Master Divider Valve Assemblies
  • Heater/Thermostat (Optional)
  • High and Low Level Switches (Optional)
  • Rugged Steel Frame Powder Coated Finish