Unveiling the Proflo® Eos

Proflo Eos

Never before have lubricated compressors been so well protected by innovation.

Under and over lubrication is quite often a result of improper manual adjustment of lubricator pumps.
It is common practice to run “break in” lubrication rates for new or overhauled compressors. It is very often the case that the lubrication levels are not scaled back to normal levels, especially in remote locations.

The Proflo® Eos solves all of these problems by optimizing the amount of oil that is injected into a reciprocating compressor. The Proflo® Eos replaces the manual adjuster on a conventional lubrication pump, it has the ability to automatically increase or decrease the output of the pump by adjusting the stroke length and hence the output of the pump. 

The Proflo® Eos constantly monitors the quantity of oil cycling though the divider block via the signal from a no-flow shutdown device. When the quantity of oil delivered to the compressor unexpectedly changes the Proflo Eos compensates for this, always ensuring an optimum lubrication level.

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The Proflo® Eos:

  • Replaces the traditional pump manual adjuster
  • Receives feedback from a no-flow shutdown device
  • Ensures optimum compressor lubrication
  • Prevents hydraulic locking of packing rings
  • Increases performance of piston rings
  • Reduces valve sticktion and carbonizing of elements
  • Decreases emissions and carbon footprint

Proflo Eos Leaflet (1.4 MB)

*Certifications Pending