Proflo™ USB-IR Adaptor and Proflo™ Assist Software

Get more from your Proflo® PF1 monitoring device

The Proflo™ USB-IR Adaptor and Proflo™ Assist Software combination is the CPI solution for any of our Proflo® PF1 users. The three work together to provide the user with the information necessary to adjust the lubricator pumps resulting in the optimum performance and lubrication of the packing rings and piston rings.

The Proflo™ USB-IR adaptor is designed to allow the direct transfer of information from the PF1 device to the user’s computer. The PF1 monitoring device records the average cycle time for each 30 minute block of operation and can transmit this information via infrared signals. The Proflo™ USB-IR adaptor then captures the IR signals that are broadcasted by the PF1 device, and, through the use of the software, translates those signals into information that the user can use to regulate their lubricator pumps.


  • User friendly software 
  • Small and portable USB 
  • Immediate data collection 
  • Can retrieve information that has been stored on the PF1 device for months     
  • One Adaptor can be used on all of the user’s PF1 devices 
  • Recommended pump adjustments 
  • Save data in Excel format 
  • Easy to view trend graph
  • Cost savings analysis

Software Trend Data 

  • Divider Block Volume – This is calculated based upon the entered Divider Block total for HP/XD style divider blocks or has to be manually entered for the Dropsa style blocks
  • Total Cycles – This is the total number of divider block cycles received by the Proflo® PF1 monitoring device
  • Total Runtime – This is the total number of hours that the PF1 monitoring device has been receiving pulses from the lubrication divider block
  • Alarm Time – A compressor shutdown is initiated if a divider block pulse is not received within this number of seconds. The Alarm Time is set within the Proflo® PF1 monitoring device
  • Alarm Mode – Indicates whether the Proflo® PF1 monitoring device is setup for Normally Open (N/O) or Normally Closed (N/C) alarm operation
  • Days Logged – The number of calendar days that the Proflo® PF1 monitoring device has captured cycle time information
  • Operational Days – The number of days that the Proflo® PF1 monitoring device has tracked cycle time activity
  • Actual Cycle Time – This is the average cycle time in seconds of the system as calculated by the Proflo® PF1 monitoring device
  • Lubrication Level – This is an indicator if the system is receiving sufficient lubrication by comparing the recommended cycle time to the actual cycle time. It will display OVER, OK, or UNDER respectively
  • Amount Over/Under – This is the amount of pints of lubrication per day the system is being either over or under lubricated respectively
  • Cost of Over Lubrication – This is the cost in US dollars per day of excess lubrication. Only displays if system is being over lubricated

Proflo™ Assist Software & User Instructions

Download the software here:

CPI Proflo™ Assist Software for download (1.1 MB)

Software User Instructions (English) (2.6 MB)

*Note* Proflo™ USB-IR must be purchased from CPI to collect data from the Proflo® device before using the software.