XD Extreme Duty Divider Blocks (Divider Valves)

when you can't afford compressor down time

XD Extreme Duty Divider Block

XD divider block assemblies consist of  three to eight working sections, one inlet section with integral intermediate,  intermediate sections for each working block, and one end section with integral intermediate. 

A single assembly can feed from one (1) to sixteen (16) lubrication points.

Individual blocks marked “T” for “Twin” provide separate outlets to inject oil into two (2) lubrication points. Individual blocks marked “S” for “Single” are drilled internally to combine both outlets to double the output of lubrication to a single lubrication point.

  • Dual base plate mounting pattern enables use of the “XD”4 bolt block or 2 bolt Graco/Trabon style divider valves
  • Mounting screws rest on top of the divider block eliminate piston bore distortion
  • Four Allen head bolts distribute torque evenly across divider block
  • Reduced leak paths inlet and end sections machined as one piece
  • Inlet check valve traps oil in divider block to prevent reverse flow in high pressure service
  • 2 inlet points (top and bottom) to hydraulic circuit allows a pressure gauge to be mounted directly to top or bottom of divider block.
  • O-ring seal outlets requires no thread sealant and accept NPT or O-ring sealed outlet check valves
  • One piece o-ring seal check valves with integral tube connection
  • SAE threads enables the use of industry standard accessories, (cycle indicators, shutdown/monitoring devices etc.)
  • Dual purge ports one on each side of the base plate allows efficient purging of air from the divider block assembly