Divider Block Accessories

CPI provides many high quality accessories for divider blocks (divider valves). Along with those listed below please also see  No-Flow Devices  and  POPR

NEOMAG® Visual Cycle Indicator

Neomag Visual Cycle Indicator Neomag Visual Cycle Indicator

The CPI patented NEOMAG® visual cycle indicator follows the divider block piston movement so the operator can monitor and control oil consumption, set lube rates and easily spot problems in the divider block system.

Features of NEOMAG®

  • No oil reduction
  • Reflective orange cycle indicator visible for over 30 feet
  • Shows actual movement of divider block 
  • UV stabilized clear poly- carbonate not affected by exposure to sun
  • O-ring seal eliminates leakage to 10,000 PSI

Base Plate Outlet Check Valve

Base Plate Outlet Check Valve Base Plate Outlet Check Valve

Base Plate Check Valves help keep divider blocks free from air by sealing the flow of lubrication in the positive direction. This keeps the divider block filled with lubricant and ready to go on systems even if they are repeatedly started and stopped.

The base plate outlet check valve from CPI assures reliable operation of the divider block system. The O-Ring seal design on the base plate outlet sections ensures exceptional sealing and ease of assembly. The O-Ring seal, base plate check valves, with integral tube connections are manufactured and available only through CPI.

Reset Pin Indicator Reset Pin Indicator

Reset Pin Indicator

Many man hours are wasted needlessly when an operator has to find a compressor or packing lubrication point that is causing high pressure in the divider block system. The operator must loosen every lubrication line and check each point one at a time with a purge gun to find the plugged point.

Spring Loaded Pressure Indicators are pressure sensing devices that enable the operator to immediately locate the injection point causing the excessive pressure or the location of a blocked tubing line in the divider block lubrication systems.

Capture Proximity Switch

Capture Proximity Switch

Compressor Product International's proximity switch sends a switch closure with each cycle of the divider block to the control panel, PLC or the Proflo® PF1, to monitor oil consumption and shutdown the compressor if the lubrication system begins to deteriorate.