• CPI Lubrication Products

    CPI products used in lubricated compressors are heavily influenced by the oil and the lubrication system; too much or too little is a problem – inconsistent delivery is a problem. Our experience assisting customers in achieving the goal of reliable lubrication to maintain compressor efficiency and protection have earned us the reputation as an industry leader for introducing the latest technology and expertise for lubrication systems worldwide. By offering the best materials combined with the best lubrication systems and controls we can offer the most consistent performance and life to the compressor user.
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  • CPI Lubrication Pumps

    CPI designs and manufactures a wide range high quality lubricator pumps that come in various models with several options. The model that's right for you will be the model designed to fit in your lubricator box.

  • Lubrication Boxes

    CPI manufactures hundreds of different sizes, ratios and mounting configurations designed to fit your old or new engine, pump or compressor.

    CPI Lubricators will accurately deliver a predetermined quantity of oil normally under pressure, at regular intervals to moving parts on all types of industrial machinery. The lubricator consists of a reservoir, drive mechanism, and oil pumps. They are furnished in electric motor drive or shaft driven from the machinery to be lubricated. Shaft driven units can be direct drive, pulley/sheave, or oscillating drive motion.

  • Divider Blocks

    Divider blocks (also known as distribution blocks or divider valves) provided by CPI, precisely allow correct lubrication rates to be distributed to up to six points, reducing the size of lubricator boxes and allowing proper lubrication. CPI provides high quality accessories and patented products (see No-Flow Devices and POPR ) that allow constant monitoring and simplify troubleshooting.

  • Check Valves

    CPI offers a range of high quality check valves to be used on compressors and divider block systems including extreme duty check valves with check valve protectors and double ball check valves. Please see Divider Block Accessories  for information on base plate check valves.

  • No-Flow Devices

    No flow devices detect lubrication system failures and shut down the compressor before costly damage can occur to the compressor. Operating without meaningful system data, using inferior parts or relying on outdated technology is a high risk, low reward catastrophe waiting to happen.

    CPI offers a wide range of reliable no flow devices starting with the state of the art proflo PF-1 which not only monitors system operation, it stores the system data for retrieval, analysis, and predictive maintenance. The mid range proflo Jr. is a direct replacement for the old technology DNFT's

  • System Design

    The CPI lubrication group offers the highest quality compressor lubrication systems available in the industry today. Our experience, commitment to excellence and innovative products, has earned us the reputation as an industry leader for introducing the latest technology and expertise in compressor lubrication.

    Our Engineers and Technicians make it their responsibility to work closely with customers to ensure that the lubrication systems we provide are designed, assembled, tested and shipped to meet each customers specifications.

  • Lubrication Accessories

    As an integral part of our business, CPI carries a complete variety of lubricators, pumps and accessories for engine and compressor applications.