Poppet Valves

Poppet Valve

Best suited for low differential pressures and slower speed compressors, CPI Poppet Valves are high lift valves with low pressure drop across the sealing elements. Each valve is individually custom designed to match specific compressor operating conditions for the application. CPI Poppet Valves are adaptable to existing plug style unloaders or supplied with new systems.


  • Effectively used where debris or liquid are present
  • Standardization of poppet design and part numbers allows a reduction in component inventory (same poppet can be stocked for multiple stages of valves)
  • Poppet sealing elements in PEEK and Nylon material
  • Seats and guards are offered in Ductile Iron and 4140 alloy steel for standard valves and in 17-4 stainless steel for corrosive applications
  • Springs are offered in chrome silicon and Hastelloy C materials
  • Available in single deck, deck-and-a-half, and double-deck configurations
  • Smooth, streamlined flow through the seat for maximum efficiency

Poppet Valve Leaflet

Poppet Valve Application Summary

Poppet MaterialRecommended RPM RangeMaximum Operating TemperaturePoppet Advantages

<1000 RPM

<1000 RPM
225 F/ 107 C

425 F/ 218 C
  • Low Pressure drop due to high free lift area (Reduced valve HP loss)
  • Standardization of poppet design requires less replacement parts inventory
  • No maximum limit on valve outside diameter
  • High lift can pass debris
  • Can continue to run with damaged/missing poppets