Poppet Valves

Poppet Valve

Poppet valves are precision machined for your application and are available in single deck, deck-and-a-half, and double deck valve configurations. CPI poppet valves are adaptable to existing plug style unloaders, or can be supplied with new plug unloader systems. Finger unloaders are also available for poppet valves with smaller nose diameters. The large seat and guard porting result in a valve that can be used effectively in applications in which debris or liquid is present. The poppet itself is designed to withstand high pressure differentials and high impact velocities, while providing a smooth, aerodynamic flow surface. Along with the large porting in the seat and guard, the poppets contribute to a low valve pressure drop, which results in lower valve loss power, lower valve temperature increase, and improved capacity. All CPI poppets are injected molded in-house to ensure complete quality control from raw material to finished product.

Since the CPI poppet is designed to perform well in a wide range of services, only a single poppet design is necessary for all CPI poppet valves. Also since CPI sets valve lift by varying the fully machined guard geometry, only one poppet design is required to achieve any lift. The use of a single poppet design results in reduced customer inventory.

CPI poppet valves permit the easiest and most economical reconditioning when required. Seats can be fully reconditioned by the customer on-site utilizing our readily available reconditioning tools, or at one of our conveniently located service centers. Poppets and springs are easy to stock and are also readily available from CPI.

Poppet Valve Application Summary

Poppet MaterialRecommended RPM RangeMaximum Operating TemperaturePoppet Advantages

<1000 RPM

<1000 RPM
225 F/ 107 C

425 F/ 218 C
  • Low Pressure drop due to high free lift area (Reduced valve HP loss)
  • Standardization of poppet design requires less replacement parts inventory
  • No maximum limit on valve outside diameter
  • High lift can pass debris
  • Can continue to run with damaged/missing poppets