Indicator Ported Valve (IPV)

The Indicator Ported Valve (IPV) is designed to allow performance analysis and routine diagnostic testing of compressor cylinders that do not have drilled and tapped indicator ports. With the CPI IPV, cylinders can be analyzed after a standard valve change out, ending the need to remove a cylinder to drill out a port, cutting costs, reducing downtime and eliminating problems associated with drilling into castings.

Indicator Ported Valve Leaflet


  • Safety features include a boss on the tube beneath the cover which prevents the tube from exiting the port if there is failure
  • Rifle-drilled indicator tube to reduce signal channel resonance
  • Available with any CPI valves including Hi-Flo™ profiled ring, poppet, or plate style
  • Routine diagnostic testing with the IPV enhances reliability for extended time between failures
  • Can be retrofitted to existing valves, designed for either suction valves without unloaders or discharge valves and can be incorporated into valve, cover, jackbolt and gasket upgrade projects
  • Provides connection to the internal cylinder pressure through the center of the valve stud to monitor part performance and horsepower \
  • Custom designed to fit within existing valve port and cover seal designs
  • Unique IPV tube seal allows for misalignment and prevents bending of the IPV stud
  • New fully machined alloy steel cover and seal assembly
  • O-ring seals to eliminate leakage paths