Dampened Disc Valve

For lubricated, high speed service, our damped disc-type valves provide excellent performance. These valves employ two additional spring-loaded discs which effectively reduce flutter and cushion the impact of opening and closing.

Dampened Disc Valve

The built-in dampening action of these valves makes them particularly suitable for compressors operating at high speeds (750 rpm or more), and in applications with either a high pressure differential (greater than 250 psi or 17 atm differential) or varying pressure conditions within the same compressor. The cushioning action of our dampened disc-type valves is effective in overcoming inertial forces in high speed compressors. Our damped disc-type valves employ a guide ring which serves as the central bearing element. It can be easily and inexpensively replaced when wear inevitably occurs. 

The fully-machined seat and guard are offered in Type 4140 AQ steel as standard, and Types 416 or303 stainless steel for more corrosive service. The replaceable guide ring is normally furnished in the same material as the seat and guard.

The valve disc and dampening discs can be furnished in stainless steel, or any of our non-metallic disc materials.

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